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Mansfield Sand Company is one of the UK’s leading providers of silica sand based products for the whole sports turf industry, including major sporting venues and stadiums.

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We are market leaders in fibre reinforced sand based products for Equestrian applications.

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Our certified Play Sand goes through a process of hydro-classification, cyclones and de-watering screens to produce a safe non-staining, non-toxic soft play sand.

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We are one of the UK’s leading providers of premium sand based products to the landscaping sector.

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We produce specialist and Industrial Sands for a range of uses from brick, block, tile, foundry to grout and drainage systems.

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Mansfield Sand brick division produce over 30 million concrete brick products ranging from concrete commons and coursings to brick slips and closure blocks.

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We supply a superior manufactured agricultural sand which is perfect for cattle bedding, which is a cost effective alternative with huge benefits over using straw.

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About Us

Mansfield Sand Company, operating from its long-established base in North Nottinghamshire, has built up a solid, countrywide reputation since the late Eighties as a specialist supplier of a comprehensive range of materials for the construction and maintenance of top class sports and landscape surfaces.

Did you know? Mansfield Sand…

  • Has been quarrying sand in Mansfield for nearly 200 years.
  • Won a Gold Medal at the Great Exhibition in 1851, held at Crystal Palace, for its Mansfield Red Moulding Sand.

Frequently Asked questions

What are the grading numbers?

They are industry recognised grades, the lettering relates to a MSC product whilst the number 40 represents a medium sand and the 35 relates to a medium course product.

What’s the best way to transport?

The most practical way of taking delivery is purchasing loose loads via 29 tonne articulated vehicle or 20 tonne rigid vehicle loads. We also supply in one tonne bulk and 25kg bags. 

What is the Quarry levy?

The levy is a government tax levied on all quarried aggregates, it is chargeable per tonne.
This levy is not kept by Mansfield Sand.

Do I need planning permission for my Manège?

Planning permission  is required for any permanent equestrian construction, including stables, a permanent field shelter and a Manege/Gallop/Lunge ring.

Do I need drainage?

Most definitely, the drainage is the most fundamental part to any Manege construction.

How deep should the sand be laid?

We recommend a minimum compacted depth of 5” (125mm).

Will the sand surface freeze?

Any sand surface will freeze during sub-zero temperatures unless an insulator has been installed – i.e.- fibre/rubber/pvc topping.

Will I need to water my surface during the dry periods?

In extreme long dry conditions any sand surface will benefit from being watered to ensure optimum riding performance.

Will the sand stain the children’s hands and clothing?

No, our play sand is completely stain free due to the clay and silts being washed out during the production process.

Is the product aggregate free?

Yes, our play sand is contaminate and aggregate free and is BS EN 1177 approved.

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How many sqm will a 25kg bag cover when brushing in-between joints of all types of block paving?

Approx. 7.6 sqm/25kg bag

What colour best describes our sand?

Buff in colour

How much sand reserve do we have?

Circa 12 million tonnes

Do you manufacture clay bricks?

No, we are a concrete products manufacturer. We specialise in concrete products that supplement beam & block and beam and EPS flooring systems. We also produce a range of coursing brick products.

Do you produce standard 100mm blocks?

No we don’t produce these, we focus on a range of 16 specialist’s shapes that supplement beam & block and beam and EPS flooring systems. We can put you in touch with some block manufacturers.

Do you also supply T beams for flooring systems as well as you slip and closure products?

No we don’t produce these. We can put you in touch with T beam manufacturers who are customers of ours for ancillary products

Can we deliver?                                                

Yes, from 1 pallet to full loads

Can you deliver direct to site?

Yes we can. Is it to be crane off-load or standard off load with forklift?

What range of products do you manufacture?

We produce a range of closure blocks and brick slips that are used in conjunction with beam & block and beam and EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Systems) flooring systems.

We also produce a range of coursing bricks.

What size/ strengths are your bricks       

Our most common sizes are either 215x100x65mm or 215x140x65mm available in various strengths between 7N and 24N

How many bricks per m2?                              

60 bricks per m2 based on a 215x65mm face

Can we mix loads?                                            

Yes, why not combine a range of products from both Mansfield Sand and Mansfield Brick

Are there any benefits to using sand over straw?

Claims by producers working with sand is a lower incidence of clinical mastitis caused by environmental organisms such as E. coli. and environmental streptococci. Also further benefit of sand bedding include the reduction in the number of cows with swollen hocks, hair off hocks, and knee injuries.

Is cattle bedding labour intensive?

No, it reduces labour requirement over a straw based system



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